Corporate Appointment Checklist

Important note: Receipts are not required to prepare your return. When you come in for your appointment (or mail in your tax information), please be prepared to give totals for the expenses you have receipts for as this is the only information we will need to prepare your return. Please keep all receipts for your records.
  • 1.  Completed Business Client Information Sheet (Click Here to Complete)*REQUIRED FOR COMPLETION OF RETURN*.
  • 2.  Complete Profit & Loss Statement (Click Here to Complete).
  • 3.  QuickBooks users: email QuickBooks file or bring back-up file.
  • 4.  Brown Book users bring book and make sure you have year end totals calculated.
  • 5.  Spreadsheet users on Excel or hand-written sheets please total all income and expense columns.
  • 6.  New clients bring previous years Federal and State tax returns.

Important Note:

  • 1.  Bring in your completed Client Information Sheet at the time of your appointment (or you can fill it out online on our website before your appointment); if you will be mailing your information to us make sure it is enclosed with all your tax information and not mailed separately. Please be sure to complete all of the pages (if applicable) and sign the bottom of the form.
  • 2.  Clients who own their business as Sole Proprietors, will be required to complete the PROFIT OR LOSS FROM BUSINESS FORM, if you are mailing your information to us make sure it is enclosed with all your tax information. This form is required we cannot prepare your return without it.
  • 3.  MAILING TAX RETURNS: Please note that all tax information should be mailed to: 16 ROOSEVELT AVENUE, PORT JEFFERSON STATION, NY 11776.

* December 1 we will start scheduling appointments for tax season. Please call early as our appointments book quickly. An appointment must be made for each individual or couple that is having a tax return prepared. Tax returns brought in without appointments will have to be mailed upon completion; there are no exceptions to this policy.

* January 9 is the last date for clients for whom we prepare W2 or 1099 forms to submit their preparation information. According to IRS regulations, these forms must be mailed to your workers by January 31st. No forms will be mailed after this date. There will be no reminder calls. 

* March 27 is the last date for us to receive your tax return information via mail. If you can not meet this deadline you must request an extension and your return will be filed after April 15th.

* April 7 is the deadline for extension requests this year. Please see the enclosed Extension Request Form for instructions. There is a required deposit of $50 with every extension request. We will not file extensions without the request form and the related deposit. Please note extensions do not extend your time to pay. Taxes paid late are still subject to interest and late payment penalties.

* April 14 will be the last day that we will be having office appointments.

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