Jan 10, 2019

With Tax Season approaching, we’d like to remind you the importance of supplying us your tax documents. Accurate and complete documentation will assist us in giving you excellent service that you deserve.

Along with your income documents such as W-2’s, Social Security, Pension and Mortgage Interest Statement etc., below you will find a list of important items to remember to supply us (whenever applicable).


  1. BROKERAGE ACCOUNTS: Be sure to supply us ALL PAGES of the year end statements for each account you may have. All pages are necessary, not just the summary page. Each page will have important information that we would need in order to accurately complete your tax return.

  3. COLLEGE TUITION: Along with supplying us The Tuition Statement (FORM 1098-T) we also need you to supply us with a Tuition and Fees Transcript. The transcript will summarize fees the student paid during the tax year that may not be reported on the FORM 1098-T, such as books, lab fees and other possible deductions. You can obtain a copy of the Tuition and Fees Transcript by logging into the student portal of the college they are attending.

  5. CHILD CARE: A credit may be available for expenses paid to a daycare, preschool or camp. Along with supplying us the provider name, address and dollar amount you paid, you must also supply us with the TAX ID or Social Security Number of the provider.

  7. QUALIFIED TUITION PLAN (529 PLAN): A 529 Plan is a tax-advantage savings plan designed to encourage saving for future education cost. In order to receive a deduction on your New York State Tax Return, it must be a NYS 529 Plan. Remember to supply us a copy of the year end statement which will disclose the dollar amount of contribution you made during the tax year and will also disclose the owner of the 529 Plan. The owner of the 529 Plan must either be the Taxpayer or Spouse.

  9. DID YOU PURCHASE A HOME? If you purchase a home during the tax year, CONGRATULATIONS. There may be fees you paid at closing that you can right off. Be sure to bring your CLOSING DISCLOSURE STATEMENT you received at the loan closing (Formerly known as the HUD-1 Statement).

  11. HEALTH INSURANCE: If you have Health Care Insurance you will receive either a 1095A, 1095B and/or a 1095C. The form you receive is determined where you obtained The Health Care Insurance from. Bringing these forms are extremely important so we disclose the proper coverage you and your family members received during the tax year. If you received Affordable Health Care thru the Marketplace (Obamacare) it is EXTREMELY important to supply us with the 1095-A statement.

  13. DRIVER LICENSE OR STATE ISSUED ID: In recent years, NYS passed a law that now requires us to disclose certain identifiable information that is on your Driver’s License or State Issued ID. Therefore, when filing a New York State Tax Return, you must supply us with a clear copy (FRONT AND BACK) of your driver’s license or state issued ID’s (PASSPORTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE). If you are filing a joint return ID is required for both Taxpayer and Spouse.

  15. ITEMIZED DEDUCTIONS: The New Federal Tax Law may not allow you to itemize Home Mortgage Interest, Real Estate Property Tax, Charitable Contributions, Non-Reimbursed Employee Business Expense, Union Dues and Medical Expense. DON’T THROW OUR THOSE RECEIPTS!!! New York State has Decoupled (Separated) from the Federal Tax Law. If you file a NYS Tax Return, supply us with all the aforementioned items, NYS continues to allow itemization of these items on NYS Tax Returns.

  17. DIRECT DEPOSIT OF YOUR REFUND(S): Be sure to thoroughly complete your Client Information Sheet. Pay careful attention to your Bank Name, Routing Number and Account Number. If we have wrong information this will delay your refund being credited to your account.

  19. FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNT(S): Having ownership or Signing Authority to a Foreign Bank Account requires disclosure of the account(s) on your Federal Tax Return. Failure to report these accounts may cause penalties to be incurred. Be sure to disclose if you have a Foreign Bank Account or not on your Client Information Sheet.

This year, we are celebrating our 40th Year in Business! We owe it to clients like you and we look forward to seeing you this tax season. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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