New Tax Law – New Tax Look

Dec 11, 2018

Many changes to the tax law are here!! Along with these changes when you come to see us this tax season you
will also see noticeable changes on how your tax return looks.

New Form 1040 Simplified for 2018


Here are some of the changes you will be seeing on the new tax return:

  • The 1040 itself is no longer 2 pages. The 2018 Tax Return is now 2 half- pages along with 6 other schedules. Comparing your 2017 tax return to the new 2018 tax return may be difficult.
  • There is also a significant change to the itemized deduction schedule.

Don’t worry about these changes. Rossman Tax Service always stays ahead of new trends in order to be there for you. We have been studying these forms and are ready to help you with your tax preparation for 2018.

How the New Tax Law may affect you:

  • One of the most important modification is the new withholding schedule. This has allowed many taxpayers to receive a larger net paycheck (take-home pay). Initially this sounds fantastic, who wouldn’t want more take-home pay? However, as we have warned our clients over the year, they are not always entitled to the additional pay based on the new tax law and they may get a surprise at the end of the year with either a lower refund or possibly owing money.

Rossman Tax Service is here to help you. Contact us today with your questions. Let us prepare a projection for your 2018 tax return.

Lastly, we want to wish all of our clients a Safe, Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. This year, Rossman Tax Service is participating in toy collection for Holiday Dreams Long Island. If you wish to help us support this toy drive please bring an un-wrapped gift to our office and put it in our collection box. We will be sending the toys to Holiday Dreams to help Long Island families in need to also have a Wonderful Holiday Season!


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